Personal Organizer that syncs to Google Calendar and Contacts. Screenshots.

Google Calendar client. Synchronization with Google Calendar.

Automatic synchronization with Google Calendar.

Google Contacts client. Sync google Contacts. Birthday reminder.

Google Contacts manager and Birthday reminder.

 Google Contact Groups manager.

Manage Google Contact Groups directly from your Desktop.

List of upcomming Google Events and Contact's birthdays.

List of upcomming events.

Edit and manage events offline.

You may create and edit events offline.

Edit and manage contacts offline. Active Organizer.

Personal Organizer with contact management.

Automatic reminders of birthdays. Active Organizer.

Advanced Outlook-style reminders.

Active Organizer is both Personal Organizer software and easy-in-use client for Google Calendar and Contacts.

"Active Organizer is very simple to set up and use."

Brett Donald


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