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Google Calendar Offline

Create new event

  • To add a new event, simply double-click on the white space of the Active Organizer's Events window. That will open the new event dialog.
  • A new event can be also added through the Events window's context menu by selecting the "Add Event" item on it.

Edit event

  • To edit event, open the "Properties" window by selecting the "Properties" item on the context menu and then add the detailed description text and set the date and time when the event should go off and the duration.
  • Event property dialog can be also open by double-click on the event subject in the Active Organizer's Events window.

Remove event

  • Select "Remove Event" item on the context menu.
  • Select event and press Delete key.


  • Click «Synchronize Now» button to immediately synchronize with your Google account.
  • Click «Gear» button to open settings dialog.
  • Click «Home» button to open menu.


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